The Snug

The 'Snug'

In ‘old’ Ireland, along the bar counter one would find a ‘boxed-off’ small private room called a ‘snug’, with its own door so no one could see in. It can still be found in older pubs, and was used by patrons who didn’t want to be seen in the pub such as the local Gárda (policeman) slipping in for a quiet pint, the parish priest for his single malt after mass, or for women when it was frowned upon for them to be in a public house (and that was not that long ago at all !).

The ‘Snug’ at Ballyhannon maintains this tradition of a private room for guests to use for whatever they choose, which we have furnished with a counter and seating beside the open fireplace for you to make your own Irish Pub during your stay with us!