Layout of Rooms – Castle

The Castle is built over 5 floors (with a few ‘Returns’ or half-floors also), while the Coach House is a two-floor building. Here are how the rooms are arranged in the Castle:


Ground Floor:

The Dining Room & Kitchen take up the whole of the Ground Floor, and are joined together by way of an arched doorway.

View Castle Dining Room View Castle Kitchen

First Floor:

On the first floor (one above ground level) we have the first bedroom. It has a draped King-size antique 4-poster bed. Closest to the ground floor, this double room sleeps 2.

View Castle Bedroom 1

First Floor Return:

The Shower-room is on the return between the first and second floors (conveniently positioned between the first and second bedrooms). It has a large shower cubicle with WC and sink.

View Castle Shower-room

Second Floor:

The second bedroom is on the second floor (two floors above ground level and beside the shower-room / WC). A popular Family Bedroom as it has a King bed & bunks, and sleeps 4.

View Castle Bedroom 2

Second Floor Return:

Relax in a hot bath or shower while towering over the lands below! The bath/shower-room is located on the Second Floor Return (between Bedroom 2 and the Great Room).

View Castle Bathroom

Third Floor:

The Great Room is on the Third Floor, mid-way up the castle, overlooking the countryside which is where it all happens! Intimate ceremonies, Celtic blessings, conventional as well as medieval wedding rituals, drinks receptions, or just relaxing with friends & family in front of the stove.

View Castle Great Room

Third Floor Return:

This is where the Dungeon is!  Could you escape from here? Doubtful indeed. When you are here with us we look forward to explaining why all dungeons are not in the basement!

View Castle Dungeon

Fourth Floor:

The third bedroom is on the fourth floor (four floors above ground level and above the Great Room). It’s the smallest bedroom, with an antique 4-poster double bed. It sleeps 2.

View Castle Bedroom 3

Fifth Floor:

The largest bedroom is at the very top of the castle (on the fifth floor), with a magnificent King-size antique 4-poster bed. This room sleeps up to 4 (with futons).

View Castle Bedroom 4

Spiral Staircase:

The life-blood of the castle!  Linking all rooms together, they are all accessed directly off this architecturally brilliant self-supporting spiral stone staircase.

View Castle Spiral Staircase